Thursday, November 29, 2007

Flew Midwest Airlines recently

I flew Midwest Airlines recently. What a treat! The seats are leather and are the size of first class seats on other airlines. The seat pitch isn't the same as first class on other domestic airlines (it's less), but it does seem to be slightly greater than the other domestic's coach offerings (Compare Midwest's 34" to Delta's 32" or United's 31. If I lived in one of Midwest's hub cities (Milwaukee and Kansas City), I'd make it my primary airline.

While I've read articles that suggest Midwest only has one class of seating, they do offer 'Signature' seating on some flights. According to their site, it's only available on some routes (they weren't available on my flights, as it wasn't the plane that has those seats). It's possible to upgrade to those seats for $60.

The free chocolate chip cookies Midwest offers are the best part of the flight. Apparently, they're going to start selling them retail some place in Milwaukee. I'm updating my airline food post just on the basis of the chocolate chip cookies, they were so good.