Monday, May 26, 2008

Rent a vacation home instead of a hotel room

Can you save over $150 a night by renting a vacation home instead of staying in a hotel room? Probably only in rare circumstances, but you may be able to save a considerable amount.

One way of getting more for your money: hit the Internet to find a vacation rental instead of a hotel room, gaining space and possibly saving a couple of bucks. Today, vacationers can connect directly with second-home owners online.

Having access to a kitchen allows travelers to cook some of their own meals. Also, renters often aren't paying someone to clean up after them as they would at a hotel.

Often, the cost per square foot will be cheaper at a rental than at a hotel. But in some markets, even the larger accommodations will cost you less, says Bob Barnes, chief executive of Salt Lake City-based, a vacation-rental Web site.

"It happens in the Orlando market, it happens in some ski destinations," he says. Renting a condo or privately owned apartment can also be less costly than a hotel room in some urban markets, including Chicago and New York, he adds.

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I've had relatives stay in an apartment when visiting us instead of a hotel room, and they saved a bundle on a week and a half stay at Christmastime. There was no maid service, but they had a full kitchen.